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When instructing a solicitor the proof is on the pudding but in order to give comfort to anyone thinking of asking for my help here are my maybe not that magnificent 8 testimonials ( but something to show my expertise ) from very different sources. Four are from individuals (most of my work these days ), one from a firm of accountants in Surrey, one from the legal head of an International retailer and one from a quoted IT company to show the diversity of my work. I enjoy working with individuals as much as I do working with companies like Synnex Concentrix ( employing some 600,000 people worldwide ).

I have also been fortunate enough to get strong recommendations over the years as a legal expert in e.g. The Legal 500 and you may want to see my CV which has more detail of my experience.

Best and fairest outcome

Tim was such a great help in getting the best and fairest outcome for me in a termination settlement. He guided me through the whole process and advised on what all potential options and outcomes could be. He fought my corner and was always on hand to make recommendations to ensure the best outcome for myself as 2024 comes round. .
Thanks so much Tim . Xavier

Goldman Sachs - Ilias Belaidi

Tim acted for me when I left Goldman Sachs in early 2023 . He was helpful, available and responsive ( in and out of office hours ) and his advice was very valuable. This helped me to have a trust that the process would go smoothly. He continued to assist me after my severance agreement was signed , without charge . I believe he is the only sole practitioner on the list of recommended independent lawyers but this is an advantage as he deals personally with all queries and doesn’t delegate to less senior staff . Tim also guaranteed I would not pay any legal costs . A bit of a background, Tim is an Employment Judge and was head of employment at one of world’s largest law firms before starting his own practice . He knows the Goldman Sach’s template settlement agreement inside out , having been on the panel over 10 years , and has been responsible for negotiating some of the more favorable terms in it . I would highly recommend him . Ilias Belaidi

Glen Bogle

Tim was a fantastic help guiding me through my redundancy process. He made it all easier letting me know where I stand and suggesting the questions that I should ask to get a fair resolution, and the advice given was of immense support during a difficult time. So much so I asked to give this testimonial ! Glen Bogle

LR, Barclays Bank employee

When I was informed my job was at risk and I was facing redundancy I was confused, upset and didn’t know who to trust . I thought it would be me to decide when to leave. You came recommended by a respected Lawyer friend in the city.
I made contact and you responded immediately even though you were then briefly out of the country. Where other firms naturally talked about their fees you did not. You were only concerned with me. In fact I brought it up with you and you said you were happy to act on trust and in any event I should not have to worry . That fees would be covered by my employer if we settled and I should not have to pay anything. I was obviously anxious about the storm that just hit not just me but my family but your calm around reading through all I had sent you and listening to me gave me the sense there was no need to be anxious (although you also understood that I could not help it) .You gave me the excellent advice and direction necessary and dealt professionally and directly with my bank employer. I accepted the outcome of the settlement after some of my negotiations were accepted. You even helped after the settlement was signed and billed and for no charge. I am happy this is now behind me and my family and I can look forward to the great things this year has in store for me. Thank you.

Tamarind Group from Fateh Dhaliwal, Director, Tamarind Collection

Tim has been advising the Tamarind group of restaurants for some time. He is part of our extended family and we are happy to rely on his advice knowing that it will always be responsive , practical and effective. He is content to work and be contacted in or out of office hours and is our go to lawyer for all employment law queries

Rachel Bolton, Director of People, Nobu

Tim is fantastic, understands the reality of the our industry and with a strong sense of business initiative has been the most incredible support to me.


After working for nearly 20 years as a legal secretary in a internationally renowned law firm, I was called into an unexpected meeting and given two options... face a disciplinary (for an totally unsubstantiated reason) or mutually terminate my contract within the month. I was in shock and left the office that day never to return for employment. In came Tim, his name given to me by a friend who knew of his reputation. She referred to him as having a bull dog in your corner. I spoke with Tim and told him everything he needed to know to represent me. For the first 10 days after my initial meeting with my former employer I was an absolute wreck and my anxiety had kicked in. Tim asked me to have faith in him but as I didn't understand the employment law process I felt totally lost. I was under pressure, even when Tim reassured me everything was in hand and the employment law side of things was his job. After what felt like a lifetime, but just over a week, Tim emailed me his counter-offer letter and I was blown away. I liken it to having Muhammad Ali on my side, it was a knock-out! Tim..."Floated liked a butterfly and then stung like a bee". The counter-offer was fully loaded and that sting Tim gave enabled me to have my first best night's sleep for a long time and immediately gave me renewed faith that I was not alone and had the right person representing me. With his facts, knowledge and wisdom, Tim secured my immediate future financially!

I wanted to provide this testimonial for Tim as he thoroughly deserves it. I was able to leave my previous employment amicably and I never thought that this would have been the case initially. Tim listened and was patient. He was always at the other end of the phone and/or returned my calls and emails as soon as he was able. Tim doesn't time waste and he is a true expert in his field. Trust in Tim to help you at what can be a very stressful time so that you can come out feeling relieved and able to breathe. I've already recommended Tim by word of mouth to others on "just in case" basis.

Toby Harris CEO State of Play Hospitality Ltd

I cannot recommend Tim highly enough . He has been expertly advising me on HR issues for well over 10 years. Tim is absolutely first class as well as highly commercial. At four different businesses he has done everything imaginable for me including a mass redundancy programme/collective consultation and he has delivered every time. I would be very surprised if any City employment law partner could touch him. Toby Harris CEO Social Entertainment Ventures

Tom Hardman (ex Main Board Director of Seven Seas)

I was recommended to use Tim by a close friend of mine because he was the best employment lawyer around and I needed some urgent and sensitive advice on leaving Seven Seas Limited where I had been a director for a number of years. Although my departure was an amicable one I needed a solicitor who could work harmoniously with their in-house Head of Legal as well as understand my career objectives. Tim did that and not only met but exceeded my expectations, particularly in his willingness to exchange calls and e-mails at all times during the day and night which was often necessary due to the urgency of the negotiations. The irony was that it was far easier to get hold of Tim than it would have been to speak to a lawyer in a big firm and I didn't have to pay their overheads! Leaving a multinational company after many years for a new challenge is obviously a stressful step to take but Tim's legal (and very constructive) advice made it a lot easier. Immensely reassuring advice, wise counsel, prompt action and excellent value. I have no hesitation in recommending Tim to anyone facing a similar career change.

Tara Hammond

I was recommended to Tim through a City law firm who had a conflict in acting for me and , in any event, did not normally act for individuals . I had a sensitive dispute with my employer, a wealth management company . Tim was extremely helpful in providing me with the appropriate advice and relevant strategy .

The negotiations were a particularly stressful time for me since I was pregnant . However Tim was very supportive and understanding which made it so much easier for me. Tim is very knowledgeable, easy to work with and responsive no matter what time or day. His support was invaluable and his strong negotiations turned my situation into a positive outcome without a hefty legal bill which I am all very grateful for.

I would recommend Tim to anyone in need of a great and knowledgeable employment lawyer and I feel extremely lucky and grateful that he has come on my path , what an excellent recommendation.


Collards are a six partner firm of accountants based in Kingston Upon Thames providing a whole range of accountancy services to businesses and individuals based in London and Surrey and throughout much of the UK. We are fortunate in able to count on the experience of partners from London firms who are now happy to base themselves in Kingston Upon Thames and are, as a result, able to provide a more personal service and give better value to our clients. It was therefore no coincidence when, looking for a first rate employment lawyer for a dispute that we had to deal with involving a former employee, that we instructed Tim Russell who, although now practising on his own account, obviously benefits from having practised for many years as a partner in a major London practice. Tim not only put us all at our ease (and at the same time showed considerable sensitivity to some of our staff who had been unnecessarily brought into the dispute) but displayed a knowledgeable and professional approach which enabled us to resolve the dispute successfully. Whether we have a contentious or non-contentious employment law issue in the future we would certainly be happy to rely on Tim again.

Richard James. Director , Intechnology plc.

Tim is the most practical and helpful employment lawyer I know. He never wastes time and sticks to his guns both with the advice given and against the other side in an negotiation.He has been there in the front line, and still is - as an Employment Tribunal Chairman - and it shows. I find the whole employment world a nightmare these days but I at least know I can call on a true expert if I need to and know that my businesses get sensible advice.I am not surprised he worked in house for many years, he talks the language of business and I can see why he now enjoys working for individuals as well as corporates in his new role as a self employed consultant.I was going to say I would use him if he charged double his current rate but maybe that's a bad idea. I am happy to give him a plug because i know he won't let you down.

Rosalynde Harrison Head of legal , Monsoon.

I have worked with Tim for some 15 years . During this time i have worked as an in house lawyer at Gillette ( when i first met Tim and worked with him even though my company did not use his firm ), Burberry and now Monsoon where i am a director, company secretary and Head of Legal.Whatever the problem Tim seems to think of a practical way around it and having had experience of working with many external lawyers i will always turn to Tim where i can because he is , simply , so good.He gets things done and always comes up with ideas and recommendations i can use rather than ( as so many lawyers do) pages of less than practical options leading to a hefty bill and little benefit. I am so glad he is now working as a consultant because he is still a great employment lawyer but now his charges have been cut by 75%

Paul Adrian - Director, King of Shaves Ltd

Tim got to the heart of my employment contract dispute and quickly and effectively negotiated an acceptable agreement. Whilst the process was both personally and professionally a difficult time for me ,Tim gave me every confidence and handled the entire process with extreme authority and i can't recommend him highly enough.

Rob Pumfrey , Senior Executive , Mando International

A friend of mine couldn't recommend Tim highly enough, Tim having acted for him when he left a city law firm. I now look back on the process I have been through and am so grateful that Tim agreed to act for me. His experience and knowledge meant he knew how my employer was going to act and therefore how best to manage the situation and how far he could push in negotiating a favourable settlement. One can't underestimate the stress of the process and his calmness and support throughout made an immense difference in being able to deal with it. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tim to anyone needing an employment lawyer, for any form of employment issue.
Case of the Month
Atif v Dolce & Gabbana
The Atif v Dolce & Gabbana case reminds employers that in a discrimination case the burden of proof can easily pass from Claimant to Respondent. If the tribunal finds that the Claimant has shown facts that raise an inference of discrimination, the Respondent has to prove that discrimination was not the reason for any detrimental treatment. Bearing in mind the likelihood that a respondent employer will be vicariously liable for the acts of its employees (including those guilty of discrimination) it is a reminder of the importance of having good EOPs in place and ensuring they are followed to minimise company exposure to an ET complaint.
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